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Guide lines to the Authors for Submission of Manuscript

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1. The Journal of Agricultural Physics is a peer-reviewed publication of the Indian Society of AgroPhysics which publishes articles relevant to the furtherance of Agricultural Physics discipline, pertaining to soil physics, biophysics, agricultural meteorology, geophysics, remote sensing, geoinformatics and allied subjects. The articles should be original research contributions, short communication and invited review papers. The authors are required to submit the manuscript preferably in electronic form via email to Otherwise, hard copy of manuscript in duplicate may be sent to the Secretary, the Indian Society of AgroPhysics, Division of Agricultural Physics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi-110012 India. First author should be member of the Society for consideration of the manuscript for publication. Non members can publish paper in the Journal by paying a charge of Rs 100/- per page. The official language of the journal is English and published biannually. Latest update on the journal may be seen at http://

2. Using a word processing software, manuscript should be typed on A/4 size paper, 11 pts font, with wide margins and double spacing throughout. The text of the manuscript should be continuously line numbered sequentially. Every page of the manuscript including tables, references should be numbered on the upper right hand corner. However, in the text, no reference should be made to page numbers. The length of the manuscript should be limited to 16 double spaced pages including figures, tables, etc. Short communications should not exceed 4 pages. Commentary should not exceed 8 pages.

3.Format of Research Papers

3.1 Manuscript of a research paper, in general, should be arranged in the following order: (i) Title (should be brief,clear and descriptive), (ii) Name(s) of author(s) along with their affiliation, (iii) Abstract, (iv) Key words: Notmore than six, (v) Introduction, (vi) Material and Methods, (vii) Results and Discussion, (viii) Conclusions, and Acknowledgements, References, Tables, Figures with captions.
3.2 The short research note will not have the above sections as in a research paper.
3.3 Corresponding author should be clearly indicated and his complete postal address with telephone and fax numbers besides email address shall be provided.
4.Abstract: A well written, condensed form of the paper up 250 words giving objectives, methods used, main results and a conclusion of the investigation should appear just before introduction. For a short research note, the abstract is not necessary. 5. Tables

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