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Guide lines to the Authors for Submission of Manuscript

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5.1 Each table should be numbered with Arabic numerals and have a title and be designed to fit the page dimensions of the journal.
5.2 Tables must not be included in the text but should be typed separately.
5.3 Any explanation essential for the understanding of th table should be given as foot note at the bottom of the table.
6. Illustrations
6.1 Vector drawings may be provided in EPS format whereas photographs (color and grayscale) may be provided in TIFF / PNG format with minimum 300 dpi resolution. Artwork created in a Microsoft Office application (Word,PowerPoint, Excel) may please be supplied "as is".
6.2 Each illustration should have a caption and the caption should be typed on a separate sheet.
6.3 For each color page print or part thereof in print version of the Journal, a fee of Rs. 1000/- is chargeable to author(s).
7.1 All publications in the text should be presented in the list of references arranged alphabetically.
7.2 References cited in the text should be arranged chronologically. If an author's name in the list is also mentioned with co-authors, the following order should be used: Publications of the single author, arranges according to publication dates, publication of same the author with one co-author,publications of the author with more than one co-author.
7.3 Publication by the same author(s) in the same year should be listed by suffixing letters a, b, c etc.
7.4 International list of periodicals title word abbreviations should be used.
7.5 The references may be reported in the following format:
7.5.1 Research Journal
Loang, B.C.,Remillard, R. and Mackenzie, A.F.1991. Influence of fertilizer, irrigation and non-growing season precipitation on soil nitrate-nitrogen in corn. J. Environ. Qual. 20:123-128.
7.5.2 Annual series such as Advances in Agronomy, Advances in Irrigation, Annual Reviews of Plant Physiology etc. Norman, I.M. And Campbell, G.S. 1983. Application of plant-environment model to problems of irrigation. Adv. Irrigation 2:155-188.
7.5.3 Books
Hansen, V.E., Israelsen, O.W. And Stringham, G. 1980. Irrigation Principles and Practices. Wiley and sons, New York, Fourth Ed., pp. 417.
7.5.4 Published Proceeding of Symposia/ Monograph containing Invited Paper

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