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Guide lines to the Authors for Submission of Manuscript

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Shaw, R.H. 1988.Climate requirement. In G.F. Sprague and J.W.Dudley(ed.) Corn & Corn Improvement. Agron. Monogr. 18, ASA, Madison, Wisconsin.
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7.5.5 Bulletins
Agarwal, M.C. And Khanna, S.S. 1983. Efficient Soil and Water Management in Haryana. CCS Haryana Agric. Univ. Hisar Res. Bul.
7.5.6 Reports
Govt. of India 1976. Report of the National Commission on Agric. Part V Resource Development pp. 344.
8. Formulae

8.1 All characters available on a standard type writer must be used in equations as well as in the text.
8.2 It is preferable to use Microsoft Word "Equation tools" for complex equations .
8.3 Meaning of all symbols must be given immediately after the equation in which they are first used.
8.4 Equations should be numbered serially at the right hand side in presentation.
9. Unit and Symbols: The International System of Units(S.I.) including derived and specific non-SI units should only be used for presentation.
10. Nomenclature
10.1 All biotica(Crops, plants, insects, birds, mammals etc.) should be identified by their scientific names when the English term is first used, with exception of common domestic animals.
10.2 All biocides and other organic compounds must be identified by their genera names when first used in the text.
10.3 For chemical nomenclature, the convention of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the official recommendations of the IUPAC-IUB combined Commission on Bio-Chemical nomenclature should befollowed. The local name such as Kankar, Rabi, Kharif should be underlined or italicized.
11. Reporting Time and Date: Use the 24 hour time system with four digits: the first two for hours and the last two for minutes(e.g. 1630 hours for 4.30 P.M.). Dates may be reported with day of the month first, then month, followed by the year, e.g. 8 December,1992.
12. Review Papers:Only invited review papers will be published in the journal. A review paper should be technically complete and be presented in a manner that minimizes the number of background articles the reader must read to understand the paper. It should contain a complete set of significant and up-to-date references.
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