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Guide lines to the Authors for Submission of Manuscript

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13. Legal requirements: A manuscript submitted for publication must be based on original research work done by the author(s). Submission of a manuscript implies; that the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else; that its publication has been approved by all the co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities of the institute where the work has been carried out. The publisher is not held responsible should there be any claims for compensation. The editorial board or Indian Society of Agro Physics is not responsible for the opinion expressed by the authors.

Authors wishing to include figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) and to include evidence that such permission have been granted when submitting their manuscripts. Any material received without such evidence will be assumed to originate from the author(s).

The copyright of published papers will rest with the Indian Society of Agro Physics. Authors are, however, at liberty to use this material elsewhere after obtaining permission from the Indian Society of Agro Physics. Subscribers may reproduce tables of contents or prepare lists of articles including abstracts for internal circulation within their institutions.

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