The Indian Society of AgroPhysics

(Serving Agriculture Through Soil Plant Atmosphere and Space Technology)


  1. Dissemination of knowledge and information in the field of Agro-physics and related technology by publication of journals,bulletins,newsletters,or any other publication of incorporating research and teaching ideas, reviews, new developments and by employing media of mass communication, radio, television, etc. and also by arranging special programmes for students or establishing student cadres.

  2. Arranging seminars, workshops, symposia, lectures, debates, panel, discussions, conference and film shows on current research topics and other topics of national and local interest pertaining to research, training and applied aspects of Agricultural Physics and related technologies.

  3. Providing recognition for outstanding contributions in the field of Agricultural Physics by way of awards, medals and other suitable methods.

  4. Assisting in the organization of Chapters of the Society in different parts of the country.

  5. Acquiring properties such as land, office premises, auditorium and hostels for the use of the society.

  6. Securing grants, funds and endowments and administering the same for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Society.

  7. Appointing personnel for smooth functioning of the Society.
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