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Journal of Agricultural Physics (ISSN 0973-032X)

Vol. 1

Number 1


  • Contents 1 2

    1. Biomass Partitioning of Cowpea as Affected by Elevated CO2, Cyanobacterial Inoculation and Different Doses of Phosphorus SUMIT KUMAR DEY1, B. CHAKRABARTI1*, R. PRASANNA2, D. PRATAP1, S.D. SINGH1, T.J. PURAKAYASTHA3 AND H. PATHAK1

    2. Weather Induced Changes on Yield and Yield Components of Rice in Central Zone of Kerala NAZIYA1, B. AJITHKUMAR*1, LALY JOHN C2 AND K.V. AJAYAN1

    3. Weather-Based Thumb Rule Models for Prediction of Rice Yield in Punjab ASHU BALA AND PRABHJYOT-KAUR*

    4. Spectral Based Non-Invasive Estimation of Plant Chlorophyll Content BAPPA DAS1, R.N. SAHOO1*, S. PARGAL2, GOPAL KRISHNA1, R. VERMA2, R. TIWARI2, C. VISWANATHAN2, V.K. SEHGAL1 AND V.K. GUPTA1

    5. Surface Energy Flux and Radiation Interception in Mustard in Eastern India JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE*, SANTOSH KUMAR1 AND SURAJIT MANDAL1

    6. Evaluating Soil Temperature in Predicting Phenology in Wheat (Triticum sp.) Crop DEBASHIS CHAKRABORTY*, JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE, AND SHANTHA NAGARAJAN

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