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(Serving Agriculture Through Soil Plant Atmosphere and Space Technology)

Journal of Agricultural Physics (ISSN 0973-032X)

Vol. 12

Number 1 & 2

June 2012

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    1. Impact of Tropospheric Ozone on Agroecosystem: An Assessment SANGEETA LENKA & N.K.LENKA

    2. Trend Analysis of Long Term Weather Variables in Mid Altitude Meghalaya, North-East India B.U.CHOUDHURY, ANUP DAS, S.V.NGACHAN, A.SLONG, L.J.BORDOLOI & P.CHOWDHURY

    3. Rainfall Characteristics Analysis for Jute based Cropping System at Barrackpore, West Bengal,India D. BARMAN, A.R.SAHA, D.K.KUNDU & B.S.MAHAPATRA

    4. Mapping of Degraded Lands Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques G.S.TAGORE, G.D.BAIRAGI, N.K.SHARMA, R.SHARMA, S.BHELAWE & P.K.VERMA

    5. Effect of Direction of Sowing and Crop Phenotype on Radiation Interception, Use Efficiency, Growth and Productivity of Mustard(Brassica juncea L.) SOMNATH JHA1, V.K. SEHGAL & Y.V.SUBBARAO

    6. Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Oilseed Brassica Species as Influenced by Irrigation Levels under Normal and Late Sown Conditions in Central Punjab P.K.KINGRA & PRABHJYOT KAUR

    7. Effect of Dates of Sowing on Thermal Utilisation and Heat Use Efficiency of Groundnut Cultivars in Central Punjab P.K.KINGRA & PRABHJYOT KAUR

    8. Vertical Distribution of Physico-Chemical Properties under Different Topo-sequence in Soils of Jharkhand RAKESH KUMAR, RAKESH KUMAR, KISHAN SINGH RAWAT & BRIJESH YADAV

    9. Effect of Planting Geometry on Microclimate, Growth and Yield of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) SOM PAL SINGH, S.K.SANDHU, L.K.DHALIWAL & INDERJEET SINGH

    10. Effect of Agronomic Practices on Growth, Grain Yield, Malt Yield Losses of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) JASVINDER SINGH, S.S. MAHAL & S.S.MANHAS

    11. Impact of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash and Sulphur on Productivity of Rice-Wheat System in Sub-humid Region RAJENDRA KUMAR, V.K. SINGH, R.P.SHARMA, ANIL KUMAR & GYAN SINGH

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