The Indian Society of AgroPhysics

(Serving Agriculture Through Soil Plant Atmosphere and Space Technology)

Journal of Agricultural Physics (ISSN 0973-032X)

Vol. 13

Number 1 & 2

June 2013

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  • Soil Health and Water Quality Issues for Sustainable Agricultural Production in the Eastern Region of India D.K. KUNDU, RAVENDER SINGH AND B.S. MAHAPATRA

  • Loss of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen through Wind Erosion in the Indian Thar Desert PRIYABRATA SANTRA, R.S. MERTIA, R.N. KUMAWAT, N.K. SINHA AND H.R. MAHLA

  • Effect of Applied Potassium and Manganese on Yield and Uptake of Nutrients by Clusterbean (Cyanosis teragonoloba) B.S. KHERAWAT, MUNNA LAL, MAHESH AGARWAL, H.K. YADAV AND SUSHIL KUMAR

  • Estimating Time for Formation of Recharge Mound and Rate of Recharge from Percolation Tank Using a Mathematical Model ANJU BALA, MUKESH KUMAR, KISHAN SINGH RAWAT AND DALIP SINGH TANEJA

  • Agronomic Performance and Variation of Flower Characteristics of Gerbera under Varying Soil Condition and Open Field Cultivation ROKOLHUII KEDITSU

  • Population Dynamics of Mustard Aphid in relation to Humid Thermal Ratio and Growing Degree Days B.NARJARY, T. ADAK, M.D. MEENA AND N.V.K. CHAKRAVARTY

  • Farmer's Perception in relation to Climate Variability in Apple Growing Regions of Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh ADITYA, RANBIR SINGH RANA, R.C. CHAUHAN AND VIJAYSHRI SEN

  • Growth Behavior of kabuli Chickpea under Elevated Atmospheric CO2 SAURAV SAHA, V.K. SEHGAL, DEBASISH CHAKRABORTY AND MADAN PAL

  • Rainfall Probability Analysis of the Western Odisha Plateau Region for Sisal (Agave sisalana Perrine ex Engelm.) based Cropping System SITANGSHU SARKAR, D.K. KUNDU AND B.S. MAHAPATRA

  • Climate Change and Its Impact on Thar Desert Ecosystem SURENDRA POONIA AND A.S. RAO

  • Determining Potential Yield and Effect of Change of Transplanting Date on Yield of Kharif Rice through Crop Growth Simulation Model NIMAI BERA, SAON BANERJEE, KUSHAL SHARMAH, M.K. NANDA, B.K. BHATTACHARYA4 AND D.K. KHAN
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