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Journal of Agricultural Physics (ISSN 0973-032X)

Vol. 2

Number 2


  • Contents 1

    1. Soil Aggregation and Associated Organic Carbon as Affected by Long Term Application of Fertilizer and Organic Manures under Rice-Wheat System in Middle Gangetic Plains of India S.P. MAZUMDAR1*, D.K. KUNDU1, A.K. NAYAK2 AND DEBJANI GHOSH1

    2. Effect of High Temperature Stress on Biomass Partitioning in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) at Different Growth Stages VICTOR BANERJEE* AND P KRISHNAN

    3. Status and Distribution of Micronutrients in Mango Orchards under Subtropical Region of Uttar Pradesh KAILASH KUMAR*, TARUN ADAK AND VINOD KUMAR SINGH

    4. Spatial Analysis of Rainfall and Rainy Days in Chhattisgarh State, India SHIV KUMAR BHUARYA1*, J.L. CHAUDHARY1, N. MANIKANDAN2 AND DHIRAJ KHALKHO3

    5. Variability of Thermal Indices and Peak Mango Hoppers Incidence under Subtropical Conditions GUNDAPPA*, T. ADAK AND R. BALAJI

    6. Wheat Yield Prediction using Weather based Statistical Model in Central Punjab K.K. GILL, S.S. SANDHU, PRABHJYOT KAUR, RITU BABUTA AND KAVITA BHATT

    7. Evaluation of Physical Properties of Bt Cotton Fibre and their Non- Bt Counterparts at Different Growth stages ACHCHHELAL YADAV1, G.G. MISTRI2 AND P.K. MADHYAN2

    8. Impact of Weather Parameters and Plant Spacing on Population Dynamics of Sucking Pests of Cotton in South Western Punjab HARPREET SINGH*, PRABHJYOT KAUR AND JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE

    9. Influence of Farmyard Manure and Nitrogen on Growth and Fodder Yield of Summer Maize VAJINDER PAL KALRA AND P.K. SHARMA

    10. Sensor System Technology for Soil Parameter Sensing in Precision Agriculture: A Review AMBARISH G. MOHAPATRA1 AND SAROJ KUMAR LENKA2*
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