The Indian Society of AgroPhysics

(Serving Agriculture Through Soil Plant Atmosphere and Space Technology)

Journal of Agricultural Physics (ISSN 0973-032X)

Vol. 3

Number 1&2


  • Contents 1 2 3 4
    1. Analysis of performance of pearl millet crop in different hydrological soil groups of a watershed in arid ecosystem using remote sensing and GIS A.K. BERA, SUP ARN PATHAK AND J.R. SHARMA

    2. Leaf area index retrieval using IRS-l D LISS-III data - A case study in Gujarat SASMlTA CHAURASIA, BIMAL K. BHATTACHARYA, MEHUL R. FANDYA, AJEET S. NAlN AND VINAY K. DADHW AL

    3. Remote sensing and GIS techniques in agricultural development - a case study of Punjab P.K. SHARMA AND ANIL SOOD

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