Indian Society of Agrophysics


Lectures List

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1Satellite Hydrology Dr R P Singh
2Future Earth: An Indian PerspectiveDr. Shailesh Nayak
3Indian Summer MonsoonDr. AVM Ajit Tyagi
4Remote sensing and GIS activities of IRRI Dr. Nasreen Islam Khan
5Undertaking the fate of chemicals in the Agro ecosystem : Site to Regional ScalesProf. Chittaranjan Ray
6Our Universe: a fantastic journeyProf. B C Panda
7Monitoring Agricultural Resources (MARS): Experience of European UnionDr. Jacques Delince
8Space Exploration: Technological Challenges and OpportunitiesSri. D.R.M. Samudraiah
9Global High Resolution Soil Moisture Estimates from SMAP Mission and its Application.Narendra N. Das
10Coupled Modeling of Territorial Hydro- Ecological and Biogeochemical processes at multiple ScalesDr. Ajit Govind
11Integrating modeling, Remote Sensing and Climate for Agricultural Application.Dr. Armor M Lves
12India’s Mission on Moon: Chandrayan I & IIDr Prakash Chauhan
13Remote Sensing Derived Indicators for Desertification and Risk ZoningViewDr. S.K.Saha